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Front spoiler Subaru Impreza STi 1998-201 (PU)

Product number: 0294095

Manufacturer number: DX VSB05

EAN: 8714767369776

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Warranty: 2 years

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    Warranty2 years
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    This product is universally applicable. Universal products have no specific match to a car make and model. Instead, the products are designed for broad applicability. Because of the broad applicability they are less expensive. How do you know that a universal product is suitable for your car? Please be aware that universal products are bought at your own risk. Use the product specification to check whether the product is suitable for your car. If you want to replace an original part with a universal product, modifications to the part or your car may be needed in order to fit the product.

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    Dynamik is a manufacturer of tuning and styling parts. The Dynamik product line is aimed at making optimal use of the car. In addition to known Dynamics products like the stabilizer rod, exhaust and damper, Dynamik also makes many body and engine products.
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    • 0294095. Front spoiler Subaru Impreza STi 1998-201 (PU)
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Front spoiler Subaru Impreza STi 1998-201 (PU)

Front spoiler Subaru Impreza STi 1998-201 (PU)

£ 80.30