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Seal, headlight frame

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Product number: 0742017

Manufacturer number: 9 461 615 663

EAN: 4047024053953

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Manufacturer Restriction: Zexel Warranty: 2 years

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  • Specifications

    Manufacturer RestrictionZexel
    Warranty2 years
  • Applicability

    Universally applicable

  • Original part numbers

    8-97136-413-0 ISUZU
    0933-24-162 MAZDA
    19242 69T00 NISSAN
    19242 V0700 NISSAN
    19242 69T00 UD TRUCKS
    19388 99112 UD TRUCKS
  • Manufacturer


    Bosch delivers high quality auto parts of original quality. Many vehicle manufacturers rely on new vehicles on Bosch products for the first time. As well as workshops and service points that want their customers to offer high quality maintenance and repairs.

    Bosch car parts are characterized by the following:

    - High Quality
    - Reliability and durability
    - Innovative technology

    Bosch car parts are designed for durability and therefore ideal if you want to keep your car in top condition for a long time. For example, the windscreen wipers, batteries and spark plugs are by far the most durable in the market.

    Bosch makes the following service and maintenance products:

    - windscreen wipers
    - Battery
    - Car lights
    - Filters
    - spark plugs
    - Brakes
    - Drive belts

    Bosch is also known for the high quality electrical components. Bosch makes several sensors and electrical accessories for cars. Always of original quality, which makes you feel comfortable with a familiar feeling.

    Many Bosch products we deliver from our own stock, which usually deliver the products within one day.

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Seal, headlight frame

Seal, headlight frame

£ 2.75