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Turtle Wax Black Box

4.63 4.6/5 (8 Reviews)

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  • Specifications

    Turtle Wax Black Box

    Turtle Wax has developed the Black Box. This is a unique collection of complementary products, specially produced to ensure that your car gets a deep and black shine. The Black Box contains the following high-quality products


    1. Black Pre-Wax Cleaner A specially formulated pre-wax treatment provider. This cleans the paint thoroughly and removes light scratches. The black formula restores the color and the wax also ensures better light reflection.
    2. Black Carnauba Wax A deep black blend of Carnauba and pigment has been added to achieve a high gloss, the highly advanced polymers provide an extra deep shine. UV inhibitors maximize lacquer reflectivity and the black pigmented wax provides protection and makes small imperfections in the lacquer virtually invisible. Keep out of the reach of children.
    3. Black Spray Detailer A unique black tinted spray facilitates the removal of the Pre Wax Cleaner and the Black Black Carnabau Wax. This prevents local cleaning stains and gives extra shine Black Spray Detailer is the final step to the ultimate and deep black high gloss.


    1. Apply the Black Pre Wax Cleaner with a clean applicator, rub it in with a circular motion to clean the surface deeply. Let it dry until a slight haze appears.
    2. Spray the Black Spray Detailer lightly on a microfiber cloth or on the surface and polish the Black Pre Wax Cleaner with a circular motion.
    3. Apply the Black Carnauba Wax to small areas of the car. Use the sponge applicator for this and apply it with a circular motion. Let it dry until a slight haze appears.
    4. Spray the Black Spray Detailer lightly on a microfiber cloth or on the waxed surface. Then rub the entire waxed surface with a circular motion until a high gloss is produced.

    Warranty2 years
    IncludingBlack spray detailer 500 ml
    Black carnauba wax 300 ml
    Black pre-wax cleaner 300 ml
    2 x spons
  • Manufacturer


    Turtle Wax was founded in 1950 and was founded by American Ben Hirch. The name Turtle Wax originated because Ben came across Turtle Creek during a business trip. He put a link between the hard protection of the tortoise scale and its products. Thus, the name of his first and original product, Hard Shell, originated, and he named his company Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax has a reputation of over 95% market reach  worldwide and that is unprecedented. With a distribution in more than 60 countries, Turtle Wax is the best-distributed car cleaning brand. Worldwide, Turtle Wax is still seen by many as the best brand for car care.

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  • Reviews 8

    • 5 By: Duivestein on 17-06-2021

      It is easy to apply and gives a deep shine. BUT do wear gloves because otherwise you will get black hands. I have only used 1X and have to see if it stays on for a long time.

    • 5 By: Martijn Stavorinus on 14-06-2021

      This kit really brings back the black if your car goes a bit haywire! A bit of manual work, but you'll see it right away!

    • 3 By: Herman Morrien on 07-06-2020

      Reasonably gives the intended result what is specified

    • 5 By: Sgj Van der Aar on 22-08-2019

      Still fine. Dutch explanation is better for some people.

    • 5 By: Ludo Van Ginckel on 12-07-2019

      I am extremely satisfied all the circles are gone and I think it is as good as new

    • 5 By: Sean Feijen on 23-06-2019

      Very good, exactly what you hope to get and it works great!

    • 5 By: j.j. van oort on 25-10-2018

      an easy to apply product, with a very nice result!

    • 4 By: Peters on 26-08-2016

      Excellent delivery and product works well. Equally hard work with brushing but then it seems like the car comes out of the showroom.

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    • 0306720. Turtle Wax Black Box
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Turtle Wax Black Box

Turtle Wax Black Box

£ 26.57