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Clutch Kit LuK RepSet 620 3076 60

Product number: 0787014

Manufacturer number: 620 3076 60

EAN: 4005108238795

£ 255.44

£ 124.26

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  • Specifications

    Diameter [mm]200
    Warranty2 years
    ContentWith releaser

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  • Applicability

    MENTOR (FA) | 01.1995-10.1997 1.6 i - 1598ccm, 80pk, 59kw - B6
    MENTOR (FA) | 01.1995-10.1997 1.5 i - 1498ccm, 80pk, 59kw - B5
    MENTOR Saloon
    MENTOR Saloon (FA) | 09.1993-10.1997 1.6 i - 1598ccm, 80pk, 59kw - B6
  • Original part numbers

    0K20116510 KIA
    0K201-16-510 KIA
    0K20316410 KIA
    0K203-16-410 KIA
    0K20316410A KIA
    0K203-16-410A KIA
    0K20316410B KIA
    0K203-16-410B KIA
    0K20316460 KIA
    0K203-16-460 KIA
    0K20316510 KIA
    0K203-16-510 KIA
    0K20N16410 KIA
    0K20N-16-410 KIA
    0K2A116510 KIA
    0K2A1-16-510 KIA
    0K2A116510A KIA
    0K2A1-16-510A KIA
    K20316460 KIA
    K203-16-460 KIA
    KB30116510 KIA
    KB301-16-510 KIA
    KK37016510 KIA
    KK370-16-510 KIA
    MB30116510A KIA
    MB301-16-510A KIA
  • Manufacturer

    Founded in Germany in 1965, the German LUK has 6,500 employees worldwide and currently has more than 1,000 patents for coupling inventions.
    All LuK products are subject to a 100% final inspection.

    LuK produces more than 12 million clutches for cars and tractors, 3 million dual-mass flywheels and 3 million "lock-up" systems every year. LuK supplies clutches as original equipment for DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, BMW, Rover, PSA, Nissan, Renault, Fiat and many other car manufacturers.

    The LuK brand is synonymous with innovation, unrivaled customer focus and excellent quality.

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