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Clutch Kit XTend 3000 951 854 Sachs

Product number: 0647719

Manufacturer number: 3000 951 854

EAN: 4013872708239

£ 387.71

£ 387.71

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  • Specifications

    Only available as a set
    without central slave cylinder

    Diameter [mm]240
    Warranty2 years
    ContentWithout releaser
    only available in set

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  • Applicability

    FOCUS I (DAW, DBW) | 10.1998-11.2004 ST170 - 1988ccm, 173pk, 127kw - ALDA
    FOCUS I Turnier (DNW) | 02.1999-01.2005 ST170 - 1988ccm, 173pk, 127kw - ALDA
  • Original part numbers

    1495876 FORD
    3S4Y-7540-AA FORD
    4524865 FORD
    4707408 FORD
    4M5V-7540-AA FORD
    RM4M5V-7540-AA FORD
  • Manufacturer

    SACHS was created in 1894 when the toolmaker and namesake Ernst Sachs filed his first patent application for bicycle wheel hubs at the time. The SACHS products are made of high-quality materials and reflect the state of the art. They stand for high performance and reliability. This is why many well-known car manufacturers equip their vehicles with SACHS products. More than 10 million new vehicles equipped with SACHS chassis springs and shock absorbers roll off the production line every year. In addition, SACHS offers high-quality clutch kits for original equipment manufacturers.
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