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Flywheel CMF-1003 Kavo parts

  • Flywheel CMF-1003 Kavo parts
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Product number: 0267297

Manufacturer number: CMF-1003

EAN: 8715616070270

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Engine Version: for engines with dual-mass flywheel Warranty: 3 years

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  • 3 year warranty
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  • Specifications

    Engine Version for engines with dual-mass flywheel
    Warranty 3 years

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  • Applicability

    AVENSIS (T25_) | 2003.03-2008.11 2.0 D-4D (CDT250_) 1CD-FTV
    AVENSIS Estate
    AVENSIS Estate (AZT25_, CDT25_, ZZT25_) | 2003.04-2008.11 2.0 D-4D (CDT250_) 1CD-FTV
    AVENSIS Saloon
    AVENSIS Saloon (CDT25_) | 2003.04-2008.11 2.0 D-4D (CDT250_) 1CD-FTV
    COROLLA (CDE12_, ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_) | 2001.01-2007.12 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_) 1CD-FTV
    COROLLA (CDE12_, ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_) | 2001.01-2007.12 2.0 D-4D (CDE120R_, CDE120L_) 1CD-FTV
    COROLLA Estate
    COROLLA Estate (_E12J_, _E12T_) | 2001.03-2007.12 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_) 1CD-FTV
    COROLLA Saloon
    COROLLA Saloon (_E12J_, _E12T_) | 2000.08-2008.02 2.0 D-4D (CDE120_) 1CD-FTV
    COROLLA Verso
    COROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_) | 2004.03-2009.03 2.0 D-4D (CUR10_) 1CD-FTV
    VERSO (AUR2_, WAR2_, ZGR2_) | 2009.04-??? 2.0 D-4D (AUR20_) 1AD-FTV
  • Original part numbers

    134500G011 TOYOTA
    134500G010 TOYOTA
  • Manufacturer

    Kavo parts

    Kavo has been active in the market for 30 years and a global supplier of Japanese and Korean auto parts. In addition to technical car parts, Kavo also supplies various electrical parts for cars.

    Through its many years of collaboration with various OE manufacturers, Kavo guarantees high quality products at an attractive price. Kavo works extensively with manufacturers providing first-generation (OE) products. Kavo strongly believes in the quality of its components. That's why Kavo offers standard and completely unique in the market 3 years warranty on all car parts.

    Kavo products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - First mounting (OE) quality in a Kavo package 

    - Standard 3 year warranty 

    - Very wide range

    At the moment we have the following Kavo products in our range:

    - Brake pads, brake discs & other brake parts 

    - Distribution sets, multiries & team roles 

    - Water pumps 

    - Wheel bearings 

    - Lambasondes 

    - Homokinets, drive shafts & fabric covers 

    - Sensors 

    - Parts & Bearing arms 

    - Spark plugs & bobbins 

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    • 0267297. Flywheel
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Flywheel CMF-1003 Kavo parts, Thumbnail 2

Flywheel CMF-1003 Kavo parts

£ 575.44