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Tie Rod Axle Joint L50228 Monroe

Product number: 0918332

Manufacturer number: L50228

EAN: 5412096525315

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Length [mm]: 304 Thread Size: M14x1,5/M14x1,5 Weight [kg]: 0,580 Required quantity: 2

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  • Specifications

    Length [mm]304
    Thread SizeM14x1,5/M14x1,5
    Weight [kg]0,580
    Required quantity2
    Packaging length [cm]43,5
    Packaging width [cm]7,5
    Packaging height [cm]4
    Axle Joint Thread TypeWith right-hand thread
    Warranty2 years
  • Applicability

    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.0 - 1998ccm, 165pk, 121kw - PEY7, PEY6
    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.0 AWD - 1998ccm, 160pk, 118kw - PEY7, PEY6
    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.2 D - 2191ccm, 150pk, 110kw - SHY1, SHY4
    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.2 D AWD - 2191ccm, 150pk, 110kw - SHY1
    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.2 D AWD - 2191ccm, 175pk, 129kw - SHY4
    CX-5 (KE, GH) | 2011.11-2017.02 2.5 AWD - 2488ccm, 192pk, 141kw - PYY1
  • Original part numbers

    KD31-32-240 MAZDA
    KD31-32-240A MAZDA
  • Manufacturer


    Monroe Shocks and Struts, one of the most respected shock absorbers and springs for passenger vehicles. The company, founded in 1916 in the town of Monroe by engineer August F. Meyer, began its production with tire pumps for the very first car owners.

    After the company came to Europe in 1964, the company began to focus more on innovations in the automotive industry. This resulted in the first gas-filled shock absorber in 1982 under the name Gas-Matic. In 1999, the Reflex shock absorbers and since 2003 the Quick-Strut range. In order to provide the automotive industry with equivalent replacement shock absorbers for each car, Monroe has been producing the OESpectrum range since 2011. Fully equivalent shock absorbers for all imaginable car models.

    Due to Monroe's innovation rank, the car industry quickly adopted new technologies introduced by Monroe. Whether your car is young or old, it's likely that the technique used for shock absorbers and springs is ultimately developed by Monroe. This is exactly why many fitters and service points rely on Monroe shock absorbers and springs.

    Monroe products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Equipped with the latest original shock absorber technology
    - Developed to match the driving profile of the original shock absorbers and springs
    - Limited lifetime warranty
    - Very good rust-proof coating

    At the moment we have the following Monroe products in our range:

    - Shock absorbers
    - springs
    - Connection rubbers

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Tie Rod Axle Joint

Tie Rod Axle Joint L50228 Monroe

£ 25.54