About Winparts

Winparts car parts is located in the north of the Netherlands. Winneweer, in the Groningen province to be precise. This is also where the name comes from: Win (Winneweer) and Parts (car parts). The ´van Essen´-brothers, Ari and Meinard, founded the company in 2005. There´s however a bit of history which precedes Winparts. Back in 1986 the van Essen brothers started D-parts in the city of Groningen. Here they started selling used BMW car parts. Their passion for car parts was caused by their own broken-down BMW E12. It soon became clear that it was difficult to find a replacement for their broken gearbox. Their only possibility was to buy a second-hand car. So a donor car was bought, the car dismantled and the gearbox was mounted in their own car. The other parts of the bought BMW were sold and D-Parts was born. In 1987 D-parts moved to Winneweer, expanding storage facilities enormously with a warehouse of more than 10,000m2.

Business went well and after a while the 'van Essen' brothers also started selling new BMW car parts. At a certain point in time they were asked if they could also supply a new car part for a Fiat. They couldn´t, not at that moment. It did set them to think however. In 2001 the idea came to mind to set up Allparts - new car parts of various car brands. Sadly enough, Allparts was soon disbanded again. At the time there were no suitable partners that could take care of logistics properly, customers had to wait too long for their products.

The idea however didn't leave them alone. Times changed and in 2005 the market was ready to pursue the initial idea again. They set up a website for new car parts. This time it had to be done well however, so they set it up with car parts of all possible car brands. That was the moment Winparts was born. No sooner said than done. It quickly turned out successful and in 2008 a new and improved Winparts website was developed. With the success in the Netherlands, the word quickly spread to Belgium. Winparts started exporting to Belgium in 2009, which proved so successful that in 2012 a dedicated website for Belgium went live at www.winparts.be. At this instance Winparts is trying to win even more hearts of car enthusiasts internationally. In 2016 our website www.winparts.se serving Swedish car enthusiasts went live. Just a little whole ago in 2017 we launched www.winpartscaribbean.com. Our most recent addition is the launch of our dedicated website serving the United Kingdom in 2019: www.winparts.co.uk.

Ari and Meinard van Essen were and still are very innovative when it comes to placing the customer at the heart of improvement. Doing it ´their way´ they experienced all things from the start. Winparts was first for example, who made it possible for customers to buy car parts simply using a number plate. Impossible to imagine at the time, very common today on better websites. Winparts is furthermore unique in that a large part of our assortment is directly imported, cutting out the middleman and keeping stock in our own warehouse. This makes it possible to offer a wide product range and superfast delivery.

These days Winparts is a household name in the Dutch automotive aftermarket. With more than 50 employees we make it possible to deliver 1,500 parcels each and every day to our satisfied customers. Almost everything is done in-house - from purchasing, order picking, packaging, returns to sales, marketing and customer services. The assortment of Winparts is already enormous and continues to grow so that Winparts can offer even more value to customers. Winparts currently offers more than 640,000 different car parts from 520 manufacturers to 180 brands, 6,000 models and 40,500 car types. Orders are delivered by the best carriers who offer good reliable service and fast delivery. Of course, you can decide where you want your products to be delivered, we deliver everywhere anywhere. At Winparts you shop safely, you can trust on that. We offer the best secure payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

Our success didn´t go unnoticed. In 2018 Winparts ranked 100th in the ´Twinkle100´. The ´Twinkle100´ offers an overview of the 250 largest e-commerce e-retailers on the Dutch market. Winparts offers great quality products at a fair price with reliable service. And of course, we are happy to help you! Welcome to Winparts, the largest online car parts retailer from the Netherlands!