Car ashtray

Car ashtrays, also often used as a travel ashtrays, were once a standard part of your car?s interior. Any car was equipped with one. Nowadays, however, fewer and fewer cars have one. Even if a car is equipped with one it´s as an additional option when bought new. Do you regularly smoke a cigarette while on the road? Being the bit tidy person as you are, you want a good place to get rid of the ashes, don?t you? And you aren?t the person who throws out the cigarette butt out of your car, are you? A good option is to get yourself a portable car ashtray. This way your car stays clean on the inside. So, you don't have to vacuum it every week to get rid of ashes and you don?t pollute the environment with cigarette butts. At Winparts you will find a wide range of portable car ashtrays and car trash bins.

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