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Motip Aluminum Zinc Spray 400 ml

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Product number: 1394819

Manufacturer number: MT 04059

EAN: 8711347040599

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  • Specifications

    Motip Zinc Spray

    Fast-drying Alu-Zinc spray with excellent adhesion and filling power, for treating galvanized and untreated steel. Alu-Zinc Spray has excellent cathodic corrosion protection, is easy to spot weld and is resistant to petrol, chemicals and weather influences. MoTip Alu-Zinc Spray is heat resistant up to 250°C. Quick drying


    1. Good filling power
    2. Excellent cathodic corrosion protection
    3. Resistant to petrol chemicals and weather influences
    4. Good spot weldability
    5. Excellent adhesion

    Usage instructions:

    1. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Remove loose old paint and rust, and sand the surface.

    2. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. The spray can should be at room temperature. Best processing temperature 10 to 25°C.

    3. Shake the aerosol can for 2 minutes before use and spray a sample. Distance to the surface to be treated approximately 25 to 30 centimeters.

    4. Apply the aluminum-zinc spray in several thin layers. Shake the spray can again before applying the next coat. If desired, a primer and a layer of lacquer can be applied after drying.

    5. After use, clean the valve (turn the aerosol can upside down and press the nozzle for about 5 seconds).

    6. The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, the humidity of the air and the thickness of the applied paint.

    Hazard statements (CLP):
    - H222 Extremely flammable aerosol
    - H229 Pressurized container: may burst if heated
    - H319 Causes serious eye irritation
    - H336 May cause drowsiness or dizziness
    - H411 Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

    applicationZinc spray
    Warranty2 years
    Contents [ml]400
  • Manufacturer

    Less than 60 years ago, Wout Post, the founder of MOTIP, started working with paint in his father's shed in Valkenburg, the Netherlands. He wanted to earn some extra money as a student and decided to sell cans of paint. His interest in paint developed and he started experimenting with mixing pigments himself.
    The self-mixing of pigments went so well that, in addition to decorative paints, Post also started to focus on paints for motor vehicles. The jars of paint were exchanged for spray cans and small bottles. Easy to repair paint damage to your car. The name Post changed to MOTIP, which refers to the lacquer tip bottles for quick self-repairs on motor vehicles. The paint is now available in almost all original car colors. The paint system conquered Europe and MOTIP expanded with even more aerosols for even more jobs. Whether you have damage to your car, your bicycle, want to maintain your vehicle or need painting at your workplace, MOTIP has the tools.
    All you need is the same drive as the founder of MOTIP to do it yourself. Because you can remove that scratch, make your rims look like new again, lubricate the chain of your bicycle and maintain machines. With us it doesn't matter whether you are a professional or not: Nothing you can't fix.

    At Winparts you will find, among others, the following MoTip categories:

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