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Headlight / tail light foil - Red - 1000x30 cm

Product number: 0257524

Manufacturer number: EU 407751

EAN: 8714767407751

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Warranty: 2 years

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  • Specifications

    Headlight / tail light foil Traffic Red

    Advantageously colors your lighting? It is possible with this foil!
    One roll of foil is 1000 x 30cm.

    In 10 steps from your original color to a cool red color! Suitable for headlights and rear lights.
    Simply follow the following steps:
    - Cut the foil generously with a knife (a little extra space can not hurt!).
    -Wash the surface to be covered thoroughly with a cloth.
    - Spray the surface to be stuck with water.
    -Remove the protection layer on the glue side of the foil.
    -Put the film carefully but as tightly as possible on the surface to be stuck.
    -Remove the protective layer at the top if the foil is in the desired location and gently smooth the foil.
    -Heat the foil with a hair dryer to get the right shape. (note: Hair dryer at least 25cm away)
    - Smooth the foil again.
    -If the foil is completely to your liking, you can now cut away the remaining foil with a knife.
    -Ready for action!
    Warranty2 years
  • Applicability

    This product is universally applicable. Universal products have no specific match to a car make and model. Instead, the products are designed for broad applicability. Because of the broad applicability they are less expensive. How do you know that a universal product is suitable for your car? Please be aware that universal products are bought at your own risk. Use the product specification to check whether the product is suitable for your car. If you want to replace an original part with a universal product, modifications to the part or your car may be needed in order to fit the product.

  • Manufacturer


    Autostyle is an international wholesaler and specialist in the field of car tuning and car design. The Autostyle range includes more than 50,000 car parts and accessories. Autostyle mainly focuses on sportsmanship and comfort. Many Autostyle products are aimed at people who want to give their car a personal twist by upgrading it with sport accessories. 

    Autostyle is traditionally a family business with roots in Groningen, but has since grown into a player with an extensive network of dealers in the Benelux. Autostyle is furthermore active throughout Europe.

    Products from Autostyle are characterized by a good price-quality ratio. A selection from the autostyle range:
    - Wheel covers
    - Car mats
    - Styling headlights
    - Styling tail lights
    - Xenon kits
    - Radio mounting material
    - Lowering sets and springs
    - Car seat covers
    - Exhaust tail pipes and more

    The tuning and styling products are being marketed partly under their own brand, AutoStyle. But, in addition, Autostyle is also a distributor of a large number of A-brands. In addition to their own brands and styling sets, they also sell Sparco, Samco, Simoni Racing, K & N, Tenzo Racing, H & R and Dynamik.

    Many Autostyle products are kept in stock, which enables same day shipping.

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    • 0257524. Headlight / tail light foil - Red - 1000x30 cm
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Headlight / tail light foil - Red - 1000x30 cm

Headlight / tail light foil - Red - 1000x30 cm

£ 26.60