Tyre and rim cleaner

To properly clean your car’s tyres and rims, we recommend you to use a rim or tyre cleaner, also called tyre shine or tyre dressing. Stubborn dirt can be on the tyres and rims of your car, which is in some cases quite difficult to remove. A good tyre cleaner is needed to keep your wheels nice and clean. Often a good rim cleaner is even the only solution to remove brake dust from your rims. And it is precisely this brake dust that poses a great danger to your rims because it burns itself to the surface of the rims. The tyres are often forgotten when cleaning. However, tyres can be extremely dirty and can be easily cleaned with a good tyre shine or tyre dressing. Rim and tyre cleaners are available from different brands such as Meguiar’sAutoglymSonax and Turtle Wax.

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