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Eurol EGR Cleaner

Product number: 0378832

Manufacturer number: E701120

EAN: 8712569021250

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Warranty: 2 years Content: 400 ml application: Diesel function: EGR cleaner Flash

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    Eurol EGR Cleaner has been developed for the removal of excessive carbon deposits on the inside of the EGR valves. EGR valves are installed in vehicles to reduce NOx emissions. By opening and closing the EGR valve, either electronically or mechanically, the gas flow can be controlled, depending on the EGR valve position and the temperature of the engine. If the EGR valve remains open, an underpressure will be created in the inlet, causing the engine to shut off and with difficulty idling. If the EGR valve cannot be opened, the NOx emission will increase enormously. For a large proportion of the vehicles, the power will decrease automatically if the electronically controlled EGR valve does not work or react.

    Eurol EGR Cleaner can be used to clean the EGR valve of your vehicle in order to make a stiff idle or stiff accelerating engine run smoothly again and prevent knocking. Your vehicle will drive better again after using Eurol EGR Cleaner. Eurol EGR Cleaner is also recommended if your vehicle breaks out black soot clouds. Eurol EGR Cleaner can be used without dismantling or supervising a garage.


    1. Cleans the contaminated EGR valves by removing carbon deposits.
    2. Reduces black exhaust gases and harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
    3. Restores the optimal functioning of air control valves.
    4. Restores the optimum air flow to the combustion chamber.
    5. Improves engine performance.
    6. Provides a more favorable fuel consumption.
    7. Reduces black exhaust emissions.
    8. Suitable for all diesel engines equipped with an EGR system.


    1. Recommended to use at every service interval.
    2. EGR Cleaner will not cause damage with a slight overdose.
    3. Store EGR Cleaner in a cool and dry place.
    4. Use EGR Cleaner at your own risk.
    5. Start the engine and let it run warm
    6. Disconnect the flexible hose from the air inlet
    7. Keep the engine stable at around 2,000RPM
    8. Use the spray in short intervals (max 10s) in the flexible hose
    9. Wait ± 30s after each application until the motor stabilizes.
    10. If the engine increases in revs during application, run the engine at idle speed instead of 2,000RPM to prevent diesel knock.
    11. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the spray can is empty.
    12. Drive approximately 5 to 10 km to remove the dissolved contaminants.
    13. Allow the engine to idle for at least 1 minute before turning the engine off.

    Warranty 2 years
    Content 400 ml
    application Diesel
    function EGR cleaner
    Flash point -20 ° C
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    Universally applicable.

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    The name of Eurol, conceived in 1977, is a merger of Europe and Oil. This emphasized the international ambition of starter Johan Pfeiffer right after the company started. The fact that these ambitions have been achieved can be seen by the number of countries in which Eurol lubricants are delivered. Eurol lubricants are available in 75 countries, and Eurol has the approval to produce lubricants for leading automotive manufacturers.

    Since the nineties, the production of oil, the blend of Eurol's own management, can deliver even higher quality than in the past. At that time, Eurol is still the only Dutch oil producer on the market. Eurol is developing ever-increasing brand awareness, partly through close collaboration with teams from the Dakar. This heaviest rally in the world shows that Eurol lubricants perform well in the worst conditions and therefore it is a commonplace for Eurol to further test and develop the products.

    Eurol oil & lubricants distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Oil for almost all OEM specifications
    - A brand quality lubricants and engine oil
    - Produced in the Netherlands, therefore good value for money
    - Very wide range
    - Produced to the strictest requirements

    At the moment we have the following Eurol products in our range:

    - Engine oil
    - Additives
    - Coolant
    - Gearbox oil
    - Crude oil
    - Lubricating oil
    - brake oil
    - Tectyl & rust solvents

    We have almost all Eurol products in our own stock. This mostly allows us to deliver the products within one day

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Eurol EGR Cleaner

£ 11.48