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Number plate holder black model click without text beach

4.72 4.7/5 (95 Reviews)

Universally applicable

Product number: 0241221

Manufacturer number: AS NP17

EAN: 8714767409229

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    Warranty2 years
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    Universally applicable

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  • Reviews 95

    • 4 By: Marnick de Bat on 16-07-2022

      Great product. No addition

    • 5 By: Anoniem on 20-06-2022

      Hold the license plate well

    • 5 By: rik van der tang on 06-04-2022

      Product is exactly as it is. Fast delivery, well packaged.

    • 5 By: Frank Koopman on 29-03-2022

      Great product for what it's supposed to do for a low price

    • 5 By: TON KOCH on 01-02-2022

      everything neatly delivered well packaged

    • 5 By: Remco Lansink on 31-01-2022

      The license plate holder is good, sturdy and very easy to attach. Furthermore, the product was delivered very quickly.

    • 5 By: Luk on 25-01-2022

      Easy to attach and the number plates stay in place. Finally got rid of that commercial ;-)

    • 5 By: Karel van Brakel on 09-01-2022

      good quality and not expensive

    • 5 By: M Blommers on 02-12-2021

      Good product and delivered quickly!

    • 4 By: Richard Puts on 13-11-2021

      Good holders, hadn't thought about the click/clamp system. This makes the theft sensitive to the license plates. Fit is perfect.

    • 4 By: Dave Pluim on 11-11-2021

      Fits great and feels solid

    • 5 By: Jeroen Hendriks on 09-09-2021

      Good fit, finally ad-free driving

    • 5 By: Tonny Melis on 04-09-2021

      Super easy to assemble and click in the license plate, ready nicely finished.

    • 5 By: Reinder Maassen on 31-08-2021

      Found quickly, fast delivery. Fits perfectly.

    • 5 By: P.D.van Engers on 22-08-2021

      Excellent functionality and quality

    • 5 By: Henkjaap Elema on 19-05-2021

      Works well, registration is nicely attached

    • 5 By: Koekkoek on 04-05-2021

      Great product, does what it should do.

    • 5 By: Maarten can Brussel on 04-04-2021

      Easy to assemble, good product.

    • 4 By: G.Skulj on 30-03-2021

      Perfect, easy installation

    • 5 By: DJ Kooiman on 11-03-2021

      Great thing can also not go wrong.

    • 5 By: Henk van den End on 25-02-2021

      The product more than meets expectations. License plate fits exactly and is easy to apply.

    • 5 By: Trudy Veenendaal on 28-12-2020

      Just what you need.

    • 5 By: Stan Petit on 09-12-2020

      Fast delivery, good price / quality, plug & play installation

    • 5 By: vince van Rodijnen on 02-12-2020

      Was super and correct part very satisfied

    • 5 By: Floris Boer on 19-10-2020

      Nice holder to drive without advertising, yet gives a tidy look at the rear.

    • 4 By: Leo Paardekooper on 21-07-2020

      simple but great for your license plate. take care to insert the plate with a small screwdriver but it works fine. certainly does not cost much and delivered quickly.

    • 5 By: PGBJ.van der Vlies on 07-05-2020

      Good product license plate

    • 4 By: H.Derksen on 24-04-2020

      well, nothing to complain about

    • 5 By: David van de Pest on 07-03-2020

      What a fantastic license plate holder

    • 5 By: Marleen Adriaans on 22-01-2020

      a very fast and good delivery and it fits perfectly

    • 5 By: Didier daels on 27-12-2019

      Good evening I have not received this yet. With most regards Daels didier

    • 5 By: Dijk on 18-11-2019

      Cheap but good fit and quality

    • 5 By: Edwin Tamboer on 07-09-2019

      Excellent, fast service

    • 4 By: Rutger Zwaan on 11-08-2019

      Beautiful, exactly what I had hoped for. but during record? click? piece broken off. So be careful with assembly.

    • 4 By: Danny Horemans on 07-08-2019

      fit and finish well.

    • 5 By: Vlemmings Sandra on 03-08-2019

      product meets expectations

    • 5 By: van on 24-07-2019

      Excellent price / quality ratio and nicely delivered

    • 5 By: Dodde on 17-07-2019

      Good quality, easy to assemble.

    • 5 By: A. Kant on 03-07-2019

      Sturdy plate holder for the front of my Volvo quickly mounted and also secured with the number plate but hope that they remain on it

    • 5 By: J.Nijholt on 27-06-2019

      Be careful with attaching, clips could break off, otherwise fine and cheap

    • 5 By: J.C.Beekman on 14-05-2019

      There is nothing to criticize as a product is good and the delivery is on time. All I think are the 6 lips which hold the license plate on the small side, but that is no problem, the license plate is firmly attached.

    • 5 By: Dyon van der vegte on 30-04-2019

      Fast cheap delivery. Good quality and a competitive price!

    • 5 By: Henry Klein on 29-04-2019

      Excellent product and meets expectations

    • 4 By: R. Kattenbeld on 06-04-2019

      Great product. Easy to assemble. Pay attention! Vulnerable. When the license plate is clicked in, a confirmation pin has broken off. So be careful.

    • 4 By: Sebastiaan Blok on 12-02-2019

      Just a kentenhouderplaat, nothing special just fine

    • 5 By: S.Vij on 09-02-2019

      Excellent seller, super fast delivery

    • 5 By: Robin Meester on 01-02-2019

      Easy to use, use only a flat screwdriver to click your license plate

    • 5 By: HW Spoor on 30-01-2019

      Nothing to criticize, just a license plate holder, nothing more, nothing less

    • 5 By: Pascal Imbos on 28-01-2019

      Nice license plate holder (without advertising) and different mounting holes. Therefore fits well, feels solid!

    • 5 By: Wim Muskee on 07-09-2018

      Robust product, does what it has to do. Weights 95 grams.

    • 5 By: frank Beijers on 06-09-2018

      Fits well, there is not much to say about dot product.

    • 5 By: kevin postma on 05-09-2018

      not so firm, would look for a better one next time.

    • 5 By: Peter Wigleven on 05-09-2018

      product was exactly as expected, delivery fast

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 08-02-2018

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Bennie Lienos on 24-12-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 16-12-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: bas klein goldewijk on 15-11-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Ton van der Corput on 30-07-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 22-07-2017

      Good thing. Nothing special, but ideally suited to replace plate holders with ugly advertising.

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 21-07-2017

      Good holder the license plate is well fixed

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 31-05-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Verheijen on 14-04-2017


    • 5 By: Henk van der Bok on 12-03-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Stephan Duin on 08-02-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Bakker on 21-12-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Joran on 08-12-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Wilbert Matthijssen on 11-11-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Coemaet on 28-10-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 19-10-2016

      Simple and solid!

    • 4 By: B Oude Nijhuis on 18-10-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Lukassen on 18-09-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 14-09-2016

      Fine plates, carefully clicking otherwise crack.

    • 5 By: f. van drecht on 04-09-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: R. Amelink on 10-08-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: van Woudenberg on 22-07-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Guido Michiels on 23-06-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Jansen on 24-05-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Boer on 06-04-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: H.Andringa on 10-02-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Stefan Minchev on 03-02-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 21-01-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: J. van der Torren on 13-01-2016

      Prima basic license plate holder without unnecessary edges. Used to replace the plate holder of the garage. If I want to drive advertising, I prefer to choose for it myself.

    • 5 By: M. de Waal on 26-12-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 19-11-2015

      good fit and that what I was looking for

    • 4 By: Chiu on 21-10-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 01-10-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Visser on 12-08-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: albers on 15-07-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: van Zwienen on 10-07-2015

      also fine

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 23-05-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 01-04-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Ton Grosfeld on 22-03-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Visser on 19-03-2015

      Basic but cheap and well applicable

    • 5 By: Bos on 19-03-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 28-10-2014

      great stuff

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