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Aluminum Emblem/Logo - BLACK EDITION - 11,8x1,4cm

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  • Aluminum Emblem/Logo - BLACK EDITION - 11,8x1,4cm
  • Aluminum Emblem/Logo - BLACK EDITION - 11,8x1,4cm, Thumbnail 2

Product number: 1389193

Manufacturer number: AV 233318

EAN: 5901250333182

£ 9.68

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  • Specifications

    Aluminum Emblem/Logo - BLACK EDITION - 11,8x1,4cm

    Warranty2 years
  • Manufacturer

    For over 25 years Avisa has been a leader in the design and manufacture of metal accessories and self-adhesive labels for the automotive industry. The brand for products when it comes to improving the appearance of your car! Avisa has a wide range of bumper protectors, door sills, decals and decals! Through years of experience and tradition, they create solutions to give your car that extra cool look. They have items in stainless steel, black, chrome and carbon.
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