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Blue Print

Clutch Kit Blue Print SMARTFIT Solution Kit ADL143044

Product number: 1080672

Manufacturer number: ADL143044

EAN: 5057746052119

£ 217.23

£ 113.15

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  • Specifications

    Outer diameter [mm]241
    Number of Teeth20
    Weight [kg]5,973
    Observe service information
    Warranty3 years
    ContentWith central slave cylinder
    With synthetic grease

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  • Applicability

    SEDICI (189_) | 06.2006-10.2014 1.9 D Multijet - 1910ccm, 120pk, 88kw - D19AA
    SEDICI (189_) | 06.2006-10.2014 1.9 D Multijet 4x4 - 1910ccm, 120pk, 88kw - D19AA
    SX4 (EY, GY) | 06.2006-12.2015 1.9 DDiS (RW 419D) - 1910ccm, 120pk, 88kw - D19AA
    SX4 (EY, GY) | 06.2006-12.2015 1.9 DDiS 4x4 (RW 419D) - 1910ccm, 120pk, 88kw - D19AA
  • Original part numbers

    55200828 FIAT
    55200828 S2 FIAT
    55202375 FIAT
    55202375 S2 FIAT
    55220828 FIAT
    55220828 S2 FIAT
    71742181 FIAT
    71742181 S1 FIAT
    23820-79J00 SUZUKI
    23820-79J00 S1 SUZUKI
  • Manufacturer

    Blue Print

    Blue Print has more than 25 years of experience in developing, importing and distributing auto parts for Asian cars. Due to the origin of the company, they have a very broad experience in the market and can therefore supply perfectly suitable quality products.

    Blueprint is one of the largest manufacturers in the Asian auto parts market. In addition to the Asian market, Blue Print is also busy conquering the British and American car parts market. As a result, there is always a Blueprint product available for your car. Every month Blueprint brings an average of 100 new products onto the market and thus keeps the offer up to date at all times.

    Blueprint car parts are manufactured and tested according to strict European guidelines. The products are made according to OE specifications, so you always buy a very durable replacement product for your car.

    Blueprint car parts distinguish themselves on the following points:

    • Large Asian fleet coverage

    • Very good parts availability for recent models

    • Products in more than 160 different product groups with more than 23,000 items

    • OE quality or superlative

    We currently have the following Blue Print products in our range:

    • Brake pads, brake discs & other brake parts

    • Filters

    • Wheel bearings

    • Clutch Kits

    • Multi Belts, Timing Belts, Tensioners & Water Pumps

    • Ignition, Spark Plugs & Ignition Coils

    • Chassis parts & wishbones

    • Springs & shock absorbers

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