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Tie Rod Axle Joint JAR7570 TRW

Product number: 0804821

Manufacturer number: JAR7570

EAN: 3322937802104

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Length [mm]: 256,5 Thread Size: M14x1.5 Observe technical data: Warranty: 2

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  • Specifications

    Length [mm]256,5
    Thread SizeM14x1.5
    Observe technical data
    Warranty2 years

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  • Applicability

    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.0 - 998ccm, 70pk, 51kw - 1KR-FE
    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.3 - 1298ccm, 91pk, 67kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.3 (M301) - 1298ccm, 87pk, 64kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.3 4WD - 1298ccm, 87pk, 64kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.3 4WD - 1298ccm, 91pk, 67kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 2005.01-??? 1.5 - 1495ccm, 103pk, 76kw - 3SZ-VE
  • Original part numbers

    45503-B1010 DAIHATSU
    45503-B1010-000 DAIHATSU
  • Manufacturer


    TRW aftermarket is one of the largest suppliers of original auto parts and parts of OE quality. TRW is a partner for many vehicle brands for first assembly on vehicles. TRW has become known by producing components of the braking system, steering gear and high quality chassis.

    TRW invests in its own production lines, making the largest part of the products within the EU. Because TRW stands for quality, the products are tested not only in-house, but also independent external parties are enabled to ensure the quality of the TRW products.
    TRW products are characterized by the following points:

    - Originally delivered to more than 250 car models
    - 40 major car manufacturers underline TRW quality at first assembly
    - Very high quality, similar to original

    At the moment we have the following TRW products in our range:

    - Shock absorbers & springs
    - Brake pads, Brake shoes & calipers
    - Brake pads
    - Steering bullets & steering rods
    - Support arm rubbers
    - Brake and coupling cylinders
    - Pressure bearings
    - Fabric covers
    - Brake hose

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    • 0804821. Tie Rod Axle Joint
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Tie Rod Axle Joint

Tie Rod Axle Joint JAR7570 TRW

£ 22.84