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Joint Kit, drive shaft

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Product number: 1215942

Manufacturer number: 771 0222 30

EAN: 4014870389734

£ 35.21

£ 25.54

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Outer diameter [mm]: 87 Seal Diameter [mm]: 55 Outer gearing wheel side:

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  • Specifications

    Outer diameter [mm]87
    Seal Diameter [mm]55
    Outer gearing wheel side26
    Internal Teeth, wheel side32
    Joint TypeCV Joint
    Warranty2 years
  • Applicability

    ACCORD Mk III (CA) | 1985.11-1989.12 2.0 i 16V (CA5) - 1958ccm, 137pk, 101kw - B20A2
    ACCORD Mk III (CA) | 1985.11-1989.12 2.0 i 16V (CA5) - 1958ccm, 133pk, 98kw - B20A8
    CIVIC MK IV Saloon (ED) | 1987.09-1991.12 1.5 i 16V - 1493ccm, 90pk, 66kw - D15B2
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 (BA4) - 1958ccm, 114pk, 84kw - B20A4
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 EX (BA4) - 1958ccm, 109pk, 80kw - B20A3
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 i EX 16V Cat (BA4) - 1958ccm, 137pk, 101kw - B20A5
    200 Convertible
    200 Convertible (XW) | 1990.04-1999.11 216 1.6i - 1590ccm, 122pk, 90kw - D 16 A8
    200 Coupe
    200 Coupe (XW) | 1992.10-1999.06 216 - 1590ccm, 122pk, 90kw - D 16 A8
  • Original part numbers

    44010S07000 HONDA
    44010-S07-000 HONDA
    44010S07950 HONDA
    44010-S07-950 HONDA
    44010SR3J03 HONDA
    44010-SR3-J03 HONDA
    44010SR3J05 HONDA
    44010-SR3-J05 HONDA
    44010SR3J53 HONDA
    44010-SR3-J53 HONDA
    44010SR7030 HONDA
    44010-SR7-030 HONDA
    44010ST7N00 HONDA
    44010-ST7-N00 HONDA
    44011S07000 HONDA
    44011-S07-000 HONDA
    44011S07950 HONDA
    44011-S07-950 HONDA
    44011SR3J03 HONDA
    44011-SR3-J03 HONDA
    44011SR3J04 HONDA
    44011-SR3-J04 HONDA
    44011SR3J53 HONDA
    44011-SR3-J53 HONDA
    44011SR7030 HONDA
    44011-SR7-030 HONDA
    44011ST7N00 HONDA
    44011-ST7-N00 HONDA
    44305SF1910 HONDA
    44305-SF1-910 HONDA
    44305SF1911 HONDA
    44305-SF1-911 HONDA
    44305SF1912 HONDA
    44305-SF1-912 HONDA
    44305SF1913 HONDA
    44305-SF1-913 HONDA
    44305SF1914 HONDA
    44305-SF1-914 HONDA
    44305SF1G10 HONDA
    44305-SF1-G10 HONDA
    44305SF1G11 HONDA
    44305-SF1-G11 HONDA
    44305SF1G12 HONDA
    44305-SF1-G12 HONDA
    44305SF1G13 HONDA
    44305-SF1-G13 HONDA
    44305SK7J21 HONDA
    44305-SK7-J21 HONDA
    44305SK7J22 HONDA
    44305-SK7-J22 HONDA
    44305SK7J23 HONDA
    44305-SK7-J23 HONDA
    44306SF1305 HONDA
    44306-SF1-305 HONDA
    44306SF1910 HONDA
    44306-SF1-910 HONDA
    44306SF1911 HONDA
    44306-SF1-911 HONDA
    44306SF1912 HONDA
    44306-SF1-912 HONDA
    44306SF1913 HONDA
    44306-SF1-913 HONDA
    44306SF1914 HONDA
    44306-SF1-914 HONDA
    44306SF1G12 HONDA
    44306-SF1-G12 HONDA
    44306SF1G13 HONDA
    44306-SF1-G13 HONDA
    44306SF1G14 HONDA
    44306-SF1-G14 HONDA
    44306SK7J21 HONDA
    44306-SK7-J21 HONDA
    44306SK7J22 HONDA
    44306-SK7-J22 HONDA
    44306SK7J23 HONDA
    44306-SK7-J23 HONDA
    44306SK7J24 HONDA
    44306-SK7-J24 HONDA
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Joint Kit, drive shaft

Joint Kit, drive shaft

£ 25.54