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Joint Kit, drive shaft

Product number: 1268194

Manufacturer number: 49-0151

EAN: 5907558500233

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Length [mm]: 135 Specification: GrooveType: Middle Seal Diameter [mm]: 55 Outer gearing

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Delivery 20-05-2021

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  • Specifications

    Length [mm]135
    SpecificationGrooveType: Middle
    Seal Diameter [mm]55
    Outer gearing wheel side26
    Internal Teeth, wheel side32
    Warranty2 years
  • Applicability

    ACCORD Mk III (CA) | 1985.11-1989.12 2.0 i 16V (CA5) - 1958ccm, 137pk, 101kw - B20A2
    ACCORD Mk III (CA) | 1985.11-1989.12 2.0 i 16V (CA5) - 1958ccm, 133pk, 98kw - B20A8
    CIVIC MK IV Saloon (ED) | 1987.09-1991.12 1.5 i 16V - 1493ccm, 90pk, 66kw - D15B2
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 (BA4) - 1958ccm, 114pk, 84kw - B20A4
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 EX (BA4) - 1958ccm, 109pk, 80kw - B20A3
    PRELUDE Mk III (BA) | 1986.04-1992.01 2.0 i EX 16V Cat (BA4) - 1958ccm, 137pk, 101kw - B20A5
    200 Convertible
    200 Convertible (XW) | 1990.04-1999.11 216 1.6i - 1590ccm, 122pk, 90kw - D 16 A8
    200 Coupe
    200 Coupe (XW) | 1992.10-1999.06 216 - 1590ccm, 122pk, 90kw - D 16 A8
  • Original part numbers

    44010S04901 HONDA
    44010S07000 HONDA
    44010S10010 HONDA
    44010SK7J13 HONDA
    44010SR3J01 HONDA
    44010SR3J02 HONDA
    44010SR3J03 HONDA
    44010SR3J04 HONDA
    44010SR3J05 HONDA
    44010SR3J51 HONDA
    44010SR3J52 HONDA
    44010SR3J53 HONDA
    44010SR3J54 HONDA
    44010SR3J55 HONDA
    44010SR7000 HONDA
    44010SR7010 HONDA
    44010SR7020 HONDA
    44010SR7030 HONDA
    44010SR7040 HONDA
    44010ST7N00 HONDA
    44010ST7N50 HONDA
    44011S07000 HONDA
    44011SR3J01 HONDA
    44011SR3J02 HONDA
    44011SR3J03 HONDA
    44011SR3J04 HONDA
    44011SR3J50 HONDA
    44011SR3J51 HONDA
    44011SR3J52 HONDA
    44011SR3J53 HONDA
    44011SR3J54 HONDA
    44011SR7000 HONDA
    44011SR7010 HONDA
    44011SR7020 HONDA
    44011SR7030 HONDA
    44011SR7040 HONDA
    44011SR7954 HONDA
    44011ST7N00 HONDA
    44011ST7N50 HONDA
    44305SF1305 HONDA
    44305SF1910 HONDA
    44305SF1911 HONDA
    44305SF1912 HONDA
    44305SF1913 HONDA
    44305SF1914 HONDA
    44305SF1G10 HONDA
    44305SF1G11 HONDA
    44305SF1G12 HONDA
    44305SF1G13 HONDA
    44305SF1G14 HONDA
    44305SK7J21 HONDA
    44305SK7J22 HONDA
    44305SK7J23 HONDA
    44305SK7J24 HONDA
    44306SF1305 HONDA
    44306SF1307 HONDA
    44306SF1315 HONDA
    44306SF1406 HONDA
    44306SF1910 HONDA
    44306SF1911 HONDA
    44306SF1912 HONDA
    44306SF1913 HONDA
    44306SF1914 HONDA
    44306SF1G10 HONDA
    44306SF1G11 HONDA
    44306SF1G12 HONDA
    44306SF1G13 HONDA
    44306SF1G14 HONDA
    44306SF1G15 HONDA
    44306SK7J21 HONDA
    44306SK7J22 HONDA
    44306SK7J23 HONDA
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    • 1268194. Joint Kit, drive shaft
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Joint Kit, drive shaft

Joint Kit, drive shaft

£ 11.33